shipped◆ about 41.3 m○illion unit◆s, according t■o data from the U.●S.-based Internati●onal Data Corporat〓ion (IDC).Hu◆awei's rise is○ deemed signif〓icant as it is the f◆irst time sinc○e 2010 that■ the global t●op two smartphon●e vendors have not○ been Samsung and ●Apple.

Current◆ly, Samsung stil●l remains the〓 leader with ●a 20 perce●nt mark

et share for〓 the June quarte●r.Analysts sai〓d Huawei is〓 gaining more b〓rand recogni●tion in Europe and〓 Asia as it has bee○n adding top-en〓d features into ◆its flagship smar●tphones. Fo●r instance, th○e company's P20● Pro device◆ boasts thre●e rear-facing○ cameras, inc○

luding one at 40 mi■llion pixel.Singapor○e-based rese〓arch firm C■analys

attributed H■uawei's st●rong results oversea●s over the quarte■r to the success● of its P20 as we●ll as Honor b●rands. It said 〓Huawei shipped n●early 4 million ◆Honor-branded sm■artphones ou●tside of Ch●ina for the quar◆ter, registering a■ 150 percent ■year-on-year● incr

ease.〓Huawei's d●omestic market sh■are also regist■ered a significa●nt

increase in■ the quarter, up fro●m 6 percent 〓to a recor〓d 27 percent, ac○cording to Canaly◆s.Huawei's ●prominence comes am●id a global dec■line of smartph◆one demands. IDC

fi◆gures said that t○here was a 1.8○ percent ann◆ual decline of■ the smartphon●e market for ■the June quart●er.Data from s〓everal other re■search firms i●ncluding Co●unterpoint?/p>
鰉 said.Huawei s○hipped
aroun●d 54.2 millio■n handsets for◆

the second img

?Research and IH〓S Markit also c●onfirmed Huawei's ●global number■-two position for t◆he quarter.〓Please scan the Q●R Code to fo◆llow us on In●stagramPle◆ase scan the QR Code○ to follow us● on WechatHua〓wei inches〓 closer to● Apple in smar◆tphone shipmen◆tsHuawei inches clo■ser to Apple in smar●tphone shipmentsHu〓awei inches clo〓ser to Apple in 〓smartphone● shipments06-06-2018◆ 18:40 BJTH◆uawei Technologies C●o Ltd said on Wed◆nesday that ■it will ship near◆ly 200 million uni〓ts of smartphone●s this year, clo●se to its arch ■rival Apple's○ 200 to 21

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0 mill●ion annual shipme■nts.Yu Chengdong, CE〓O of Huawei's consum○er business group, s◆aid "We will sh○ip about 200 mil●lion units o●f smartphone◆s this year, up ◆from 153 million ○units last y○ear, th




anks to t〓he growing◆ popularity oversea●s."On Wedne●sday, Huawei also un◆veiled a ne○w technology which i●t cl

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